To Prevent Gang Involvement

• Spend quality time with your child

• Get involved in your child's school activities

• Be a positive role model and set the right example

• Know your child's friends and their families

• Encourage good study habits

• Teach your child how to cope with peer pressure

• Praise your child for doing well

  1. Encourage your child to participate in positive after-school activities with adult supervision (recreation centres, organized sports, youth groups)

• Take action in your neighbourhood (create a neighbourhood alliance, report and remove graffiti)

• Talk with your child about the dangers and consequences of gang involvement. Let your child know that you don't want to see him or her hurt or arrested.

Explain to your child that he or she should NOT:

* Associate with gang members

* Attend parties or social events sponsored by gangs

* Use hand signs, symbols, or language that is meaningful to gangs

* Wear clothing, including specific colours, which mayhave meaning to gangs in your area