That Your Child

May Be Involved with a Gang

• Admits to "hanging out" with kids in gangs

• Shows an unusual interest in 1 or 2 particular colours of clothing or a particular logo

• Has an unusual interest in gangster-influenced music, videos, movies, or websites

• Uses unusual hand signals to communicate with friends

• Has specific drawings or gang symbols on school books, clothes, walls, or tattoos

• Comes home with unexplained physical injuries (fighting related bruises, injuries to hand or knuckles)

• Has unexplained cash or goods, such as clothing or jewelry

• Carries a weapon

• Has been in trouble with the police

Exhibits negative changes in behaviour such as:

• Withdrawing from family

• Declining school attendance, performance & behaviour

• Staying out late without reason

• Displaying an unusual desire for secrecy

• Exhibiting signs of drug use

• Breaking rules consistently

• Speaking in gangstyle slang